Conclusions Of The Recent Best Available Techniques (BAT) Review

Conclusions Of The Recent Best Available Techniques (BAT) Review

The Review Process, Finished.

The conclusions of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) for Waste Incineration (WI) were recently published in the Official Journal of the EU after a thorough, five-year reviewing process. These published techniques will ensure that best practices are always implemented with regards to WI, whilst seeing that Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants across Europe continue to develop circular systems; this will reduce the amount of harmful substances-of-concern from re-entering the waste-management cycle. The BAT, as ratified by the EU, are approved standards by which all WtE plants must uphold. This means that our WI plant will be act as a pollution sink for non-recyclable materials. Our waste management solutions will also be playing their part in ‘The European Green Deal’.

What’s Been Said?

CEO of Indaver and President of Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP), Paul De Bruycker, had this to say about the recent publication: “We are very proud of the environmental performances of Waste-to-Energy plants in Europe, which continue to act as a sink for pollution in an integrated waste management, treating the waste that cannot be recycled in an environmentally sound way, while using robust technology and long-term experience. The European Green Deal will be based on pillars such as circular economy and zero pollution. Waste-to-Energy provides the perfect bridge to support the efforts of our society to become more circular while avoiding that substances of concern re-enter the cycle. At the same time, it helps to achieve the objectives on air and water quality, soil protection as well as health and environmental preservation as a whole.”

Plans Going Forward

An integrated approach has always been at the forefront of our plans for the Rivenhall plant when it comes to waste management; now, with the EU BAT to go by, we can be confident that we’re complying fully with European federal legislature.

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