Our Story

Who are we?

Indaver offers necessary, sustainable waste management solutions. It’s no secret that we’re facing a global environmental crisis; if we don’t work together to actively make a difference, the consequences will be detrimental. With over 25 years’ of experience, we are helping to provide an alternative way for waste to become reusable through our sustainable waste management facilities.

What is EfW?

We divert waste from overflowing landfill. This waste is then treated and turned into energy – a concept known as EfW (energy from waste). Energy from waste converts non-recyclable waste into power, providing an alternative sustainable source of energy to power our homes.

Sustainable Waste Management at Rivenhall


Our new project at Rivenhall will form part of the larger Integrated Waste Management Facility in Essex and the East of England. It aims to convert 595,000 tonnes of waste through sustainable waste management. Growing international consumption is putting more and more pressure on the raw materials available, meaning that recovering materials and energy from waste is essential. With our wealth of knowledge, Indaver has become synonymous with sustainable waste management. Our specialist team at Rivenhall will be working diligently on using waste in the best possible way, in an energy-efficient manner to contribute to resolving part of the raw materials shortage.

Our Mission

Expert Waste Management Services

Through improved recycling and maximum recovery of EfW, Indaver are leading the way for communities to achieve sustainable waste management. We play a key part in helping the circular economy with our knowledge and expertise, but we need your help! By coming together and making simple sustainable changes to support effective waste management, we can all make a positive impact! Our mission is to make a lasting and ongoing difference to the global crisis we are facing and the sooner we make small sustainable changes to our daily routine, the quicker this will be a reality.

Core Values

At Indaver, our values define what we stand for and are clearly reflected in everything that we achieve. The welfare of people in the community and the environment are our top priorities. Indaver uses state of the art technology to minimise the impact on the environment, as well as the people in it! We strive to recover as much original material and sustainable energy as possible. Through efficient project monitoring, we guarantee full transparency and traceability, so that local communities are in the loop every step of the way.

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the period 2015 to 2030. The waste sector has a vital role to play in making these ambitious goals a reality. Indaver has chosen 9 of these goals to guide our contribution to a more sustainable world through our key role in the circular economy.