We are working towards a circular economy.

The aim of this model is to avoid waste and where this is not possible waste should be reused or recycled.

Residual waste is the REAL waste!

Rubbish that is contaminated or the quality of the material is so poor that it can’t be recycled.

Our solution:

Use this residual waste to provide a valuable resource and produce affordable, clean, local energy.

What We Are Passionate About

Utilising residual waste

Producing energy

Forecasted Local Benefits


Jobs created


Tonnes of waste converted


Homes powered


£ Given back to Essex community

Our Latest News

Just wrapped up an incredible session at Indaver's WtE facility in Ireland! We witnessed cutting-edge technology in action and engaged in insightful discussions with our @Indaver_IRL_UK colleagues. Together, we're fostering innovation to elevate our projects to new heights. 💡✨


The view from the Information Hub balcony on the Rivenhall IWMF site!
Construction works complete:
Boiler hall slab ✔️
Flue gas treatment slab ✔️
Turbine hall substructure and slab ✔️
Phase 2 piling works ✔️
Area for the Air Cooled Condenser and Distribution Network Operator✔️


We have commenced the steelworks for the building envelope!

The Rivenhall IWMF is starting to take shape.

We're thrilled to share our incredible strides forward - keep following for more updates!


The bunker concrete works are now complete!

From the 8 tipping gates to the bottom of the bunker there is a 17m drop which is advantageous to bunker management. The size of the bunker is 25m in width and 50m in length!


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