Our Projects

Here is some more information, detailing the necessary facilities at three of our European projects:

Location: Willebroek, Belgium

Project: PMD Sorting Facility

Progress: Completed

The Specifics: Since 1995, Indaver has been sorting PMD waste (Plastic packaging, Metal packaging, Drinks cartons) in Willebroek into 8 pure material streams, ready for recycling. To treat the larger amounts of PMD waste, Indaver constructed a completely new facility to sort the waste into a maximised 14 pure material streams. Over the next 8 years it will treat 60,000 tonnes of PMD waste each year, from around 3 million residents.

Location: Port of Antwerp

Project: WtE and steam network

Progress: Completed

The Specifics: The ‘ECLUSE’ project in Antwerp’s port is a pipe network that’s been constructed by Indaver and its partners. It allows the creation of steam from waste-to-energy which is then provided to five companies allowing them to switch off their steam boilers. This results in a saving of 100,000 tonnes of CO2  per annum.

Location: Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands

Project: Household Waste Digester

Progress: Completed

The Specifics: Bio Power Alphen is Indaver’s cutting-edge VGF digester. It is the only machine in South Holland that can both digest and compost vegetable, garden and fruit (VGF) waste, green waste and biowaste from the food industry and processes organic waste into green gas for around 3,000 households. Indaver recovers three valuable products from the process: compost, green gas and liquid CO2.