Work To Begin On Rivenhall Woodhouse Farm Site

Work To Begin On Rivenhall Woodhouse Farm Site

Work to begin on Woodhouse Farm at Rivenhall Energy from Waste site

Indaver will begin ground preparation of the Rivenhall Woodhouse Farm site this week. This will mark the start of the restoration and rejuvenation of the heritage site. As part of the 4-and-a-half-year construction programme at the Rivenhall Energy from Waste (EfW) development, Indaver will be renovating and repurposing the Woodhouse Farm heritage site. It’s the company’s intention to turn the site into a heritage complex, incorporating a museum, visitor centre and ecological trail. There are also additional plans for offices and meeting areas which will see use from Indaver, the local community and other facility visitors.

Maintaining Character & Historical Accuracy

In order to maintain the character and historical accuracy of the heritage site, Indaver have appointed Kay Pillsbury Thomas (KPTA) and SCABAL, who specialise in heritage architecture. They are being joined by local ecologists, Green Environmental, who will be overseeing vegetation management of the site.

Vegetation Management

Vegetation management of the heritage site will begin prior to nesting season. This is in order to prepare an up to date refurbishment and repair strategy for the buildings within the complex. The process will begin with the management of overgrown shrubs; this will be carried out by CTM Contracting over a three week period. Building surveys will then be carried out in the coming months to determine the work required to restore them.