Latest Site Liaison Committee Meeting Update

Latest Site Liaison Committee Meeting Update

On Thursday 17th June, Indaver held their second meeting with the Site Liaison Committee since reaching financial close earlierin 2021 on the Rivenhall Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) and Energy Centre. The meeting took place digitally, attended by Indaver’s core development team, a WREN Renewables representative, the project’s planning consultant representative, the Planning Officer of Essex County Council, a Team Leader of the Environment Agency and the committee councillors.

The Site Liaison Committee were updated on the current site development plans, along with the plans for the Advance Works Contract which includes the construction of the access road to the facility. The SLC committee were made aware that work on site is due to start imminently and that the EA permit had been transferred to Indaver Rivenhall Limited.

The Site Liaison Committee raised some questions regarding any potential changes to the plans. Indaver explained their firm intention to find sustainable and viable waste management activities for the hangars on site and utilise them fully. Some options are being discussed at the moment with a number of different organizations regarding heat off-take. If any changes are deemed necessary, planning consent will be required and the Site Liaison Committee members will be informed.

The protection of bats on site as clearance and stabilisation works are carried out was also discussed. A representative from the planning consultants, RPS, responded that any works that have been executed are under the supervision of a competent ecologist on site. Indaver shared a visual representation of what the Woodhouse Farm Complex would look like and, by the request of a councillor, discussed Route of Public Right of Way (PRoW).

Indaver committed to sourcing footpath signs on the gates of the public footpath route and the cutting back of vegetation. It is noted that further discussion would be required to decide if the PRoW should remain through the Woodhouse Farm Complex during the construction period or be diverted to an alternative route. Indaver would like to take onboard the Site Liaison Committee’s preference or opinion on this.