Our waste management

Our waste management

The waste we produce daily significantly impacts upon our environment, both locally and globally. Our “take, make, use” approach to consumption has ultimately been leaving its mark on the world around us.

Unfortunately, due to the ever-growing consumerism in society, it’s going to take a while to turn the tide on waste. In the meantime, we’re going to have to learn to deal with our waste while we transition to a more sustainable path. Rather than view rubbish as a hindrance to the circular economy, we need to incorporate waste into it.

Rubbish doesn’t just disappear. It must be collected, sorted, treated and disposed of appropriately.

We strive to make the sustainable Circular Economy possible by using waste as a resource, converting as much rubbish as possible into new raw materials and renewable energy.

Rather than using Earth’s scarce resources, we utilise the waste we produce every day.