Positive response for Indaver at Woodhouse Farm Consultation Day

Positive response for Indaver at Woodhouse Farm Consultation Day

On Monday 15th November, Indaver held a public consultation for the Woodhouse Farm heritage site. As part of the Rivenhall IWMF & Energy Centre project, Indaver is repairing Woodhouse Farm to its former glory and hopes it will become a place for the community to treasure for years to come. The aim of the consultation was to share the plans for the area, which were met with positive feedback and more exciting ideas on how to revive the history of the site.   

The event took place at The Rivenhall Hotel, where the public were invited to review the information boards and images on display. A focal point of the day was a 3D model of the Woodhouse Farm site and surrounding areas, which helped bring the site plans to life. Indaver representatives were joined by the projects architects, KPTS, who were on hand to share their insights and plans for the site, answering any public queries that arose.  


The consultation had a great response with many of the local community joining Indaver to find out more about the project and engage in the conversation. A key highlight was the wide range of interests in different parts of the project. There were many engaging discussions on topics from ecology, WW2 history and agriculture, to public access, employment, and volunteering opportunities. The invaluable community feedback and additional ideas shared on the day will help shape the next stages of the project and continue to bring Woodhouse Farm back to life. 

Indaver’s Project Development Specialist, Gareth Jones, who attended the event says, “We are extremely pleased with the event’s turnout and that so many of the community are positively invested in this part of the project. We want to continue sharing ideas and work with the interested groups to help Woodhouse Farm become a thriving heritage site for everyone to enjoy”.  

Visitors were invited to fill in feedback forms, which will now be taken into consideration. Indaver will continue to share regular updates on the project developments and future plans.  

Additional feedback forms are still available online on the following link