Stepping into a sustainable summer.

Stepping into a sustainable summer.

Here at Indaver, sustainability is at the heart of everything we aim to do. We recognise that the trips away, family BBQs and days at the beach can be the highlight of people’s summers, however, it is crucial to keep the planet in mind! It is easy to forget that our actions can have such a detrimental impact on our world.

Here are some simple changes that you can make this summer to stay as sustainable as possible:

Reduce your use of plastic disposable dinnerware – thinking twice before picking up plastic dinnerware in the supermarket can make a huge difference. Plastic waste alone increases by 40% during summer. Some great alternatives are metal straws, bamboo partyware and reusable cutlery.

Switch to an electric propane grill – the best way to have an eco-friendly BBQ is to avoid using single use, foil barbeques. They are nearly impossible to recycle, and they release three times the amount of greenhouse gases than a gas grill.

Use a fan rather than A/C –Fans require a lot less energy than an air conditioner. By reducing your energy consumption, not only will you be minimising damage to the planet, but you will also be cutting down the electricity bills too!

Here at Indaver, we appreciate creating a sustainable summer can be challenging, let alone a fun one for the whole family. Here are some affordable, alternative activity ideas for the summer holidays that you can try in the upcoming months:

Have a family day out to a local farmers market – cut down on your usual supermarket trips, instead, support your local farmers market by buying fresh produce. You might even find some other delicious treats on offer too!

Have a ‘Grow your own’ day – one of the best eco-friendly summer activities is planting flowers or creating your own vegetable patch in your garden. Not only does this encourage your kids to get out in the fresh air, but you can also use the produce to create fun summer recipes for the whole family. 

Do a litter walk/beach clean-up – this summer activity is one that gives you the perfect excuse to take a trip to the beach whilst making a genuine difference to the planet. Why not improve your own health and wellbeing, and the environment’s all at the same time.